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How does it work?

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Step 1

    Select the Fabienne Chapot items you wish to sell.

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Step 2

    Find out how much your items are worth in a few clicks.

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Step 3

    Send us your items by post using the pre-paid label received by mail.

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    Step 4

    Receive your voucher valid on and

Estimate the value of my item

The advantages

No product information to fill in: We take care of filling in all the information related to your items 
No pictures to take: Your items are repackaged and photographed by a professional as soon as they are received 

Receive your voucher immediately: No waiting around for your items to be sold. Receive your voucher as soon as the trade-in is approved by our quality experts. Sell my items

Trade-in conditions

Your item must be clean and free of tears, holes, smell or stains.

Your item should not have been altered and should not be missing any buttons or other related details.

Your item must contain the brand label and the inner composition and care labels.
 Fabienne chapot - second hand
 Fabienne chapot - second hand

How to use your voucher

Log in to your FC Relove customer account and access the "My credits" section.

Choose to generate your voucher for online use on or Use your voucher

Any question? We answer you here

Please read the following carefully before you begin. We will not return any item that does not meet our trade-in conditions.
  • How does the FC Relove trade-in service work?

    To be accepted, your item must be in perfect condition. 

    Select the "Fabienne Chapot" items you wish to trade in, then follow the online steps to create your account and estimate the value of your items.
    Get the best trade-in offer in just a few clicks.
    Once the trade-in request is generated, simply print the trade-in form, sign it and insert it in your package. 

    Send them by post using the pre-paid label provided for this purpose. Send us your items packaged in the box of your choice.
    Drop your package at a drop-off point (max 20KG). List of drop-off points here
    As soon as we receive your package, our Quality Experts check the condition of your items. If the conditions of return are respected, you will be notified by email within 15 days of the credit of your account; 

    By connecting to the heading "my credits" in your customer space, you will be able to generate one or more purchase vouchers, valid for 6 months from the date of issue: 
    - online on or on 

    If several of your items have been accepted, you will be credited with an amount corresponding to the value of all the pieces taken back.
  • What items are not accepted?

    We do not accept : 
    - Current season items. 
    - Items from a collection before Spring/Summer 2018. 
    - Accessories (bags, jewelry, scarves, ...) and shoes 
    - Clothes with this mention on the label "sample not to be re-sold" 
    - Items that are not from Fabienne Chapot 
    - Items in "bad condition" 
    We consider an item to be in poor condition when : 
    - It has a visible stain of more than 30cm that does not wash out 
    - It has a hole of more than 2cm in a visible part of the garment 
    - It is missing an accessory (belt,...) 
    - It is not complete (missing button,..) 
    - It has a manufacturing defect 

    If your item does not meet our eligibility criteria, you will not receive the associated credit and it will not be returned to you
  • How much will I receive?

    At the time of your trade-in request, our simulator proposes a buy-back value, between 25% and 40% of the original sales price including tax, depending on the nature of the product, the year of purchase and the condition you declare for each part.
    This value is validated or adjusted if necessary by our reconditioning team and is credited directly to your account within 15 working days (from the date of receipt of your package by our Quality Experts).

    Please contact our Customer Service only if the 15 days delay is exceeded.

    We remind you that the credit for the returned parts will only be in the form of vouchers.

    If our team finds that the parts you send us do not meet our trade-in requirements and are not suitable for resale, your account will not be credited.
    Rejected items will not be sent back to you, but may be given a second life through a partner association or upcycling program.
  • Do I have to wait until my item is sold to collect my credit?

    No, you do not have to wait for the sale of your items. As soon as the trade-in is validated by our Quality Experts, your account is credited and you can generate your voucher.

    If several of your items have been accepted, you will be credited with an amount corresponding to the value of all the items taken back. However, you may receive your credits as your items pass the quality control (processing times differ depending on the condition of the parts).
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  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Authenticated, cleaned, controlled

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

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  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

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  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Authenticated, cleaned, checked

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

    Fast delivery and easy return

  •  Fabienne chapot - second hand

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