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Dress your best while extending the lifecycle of Fabienne Chapot designs. RELOVE is a circular platform to sell your preloved items or discover new treasures to wear again and again. 

With a spirit of innovation and challenging the status quo, Fabienne Chapot proudly introduces RELOVE: an online platform to sell and buy preloved Fabienne Chapot designs. It’s an important step in our journey to becoming a more responsible brand, as it extends product lifecycles, promotes circularity and ultimately helps to protect the planet.

With RELOVE, we can break free from the “throw away” mentality, lower our footprint and encourage more conscious shopping. Plus, since our quality designs are lovingly made to last, we can keep them out of landfills — and instead wear them to the full extent of their intended lifespans.

The concept is quick and hassle-free: in a few clicks, you’ll answer some questions about the item you wish to sell. If it meets our standards, you’ll receive a label to ship it to us (for free). Once verified, you’ll immediately receive Fabienne Chapot credit to use towards a RELOVE purchase or a new item at

By giving our community this marketplace — and in our transition to building a more responsible fashion industry — Fabienne Chapot RELOVE encourages circular thinking, second-hand buying and transparency amongst us all as catalysts for change.
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 Fabienne chapot - second hand
 Fabienne chapot - second hand

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